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We have various midweek activities for people of all ages.

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"The Front Room"

The "Front Room" cafe, which is open from 10am to 2pm (Mon,Tue,Wed & Fri) is run by a team of dedicated volunteers for the community that surrounds us.  We welcome new customers every week and often happy to welcome returning holiday makers. There are also many people in Brixham needy of somewhere to go, knowing they will always find someone to keep them company as well as a place to find new friends. Our volunteers are always there to spend time with customers, chatting and if needed, praying alone with people. At the Front Room there’s never any reason to sit alone if you want company.

We serve light breakfasts and lunches as well as snacks at very affordable prices.

The purpose of the Front Room has always and continues to be a means of outreach and support to our community and an important ministry of the church. We are also a collection point for the local Food Bank. (Pictured Heather Pitt - Organiser)

Heather Pitt - Organiser

Intentional Health

Intentional Health is a recognised Cinnamon Network Course which takes a whole-person approach to improve health and wellbeing. The 10 session programme is run by churches in and for the local community.  Within the environment of a supportive group, participants are enabled to set their own goals and progress along their individual journey to increased wellbeing.  The programme uses Bible verses and Government guidelines on healthy living.  Entertaining video animations convey the main points of each session and there are fun activities and small group discussion.  Suitable for all ages from about 14 years and for people of all faiths and none, the programme will help anyone wanting to

·       Live a longer, more fulfilled life

·       Boost self-image and self-worth

·       Reduce weight or improve BMI

·       Eat a healthy, balanced diet

·       Increase physical activity levels

·       Learn to think positively and break negative habits

·       Understand goal-setting and applying boundaries

·       Learn how to rest and get more sleep


Is there more to life than this? Why and how do I pray. Does God heal today? Alpha looks at these and other questions, providing a practical introduction to the Christian faith. Over a series of interactive sessions, Alpha helps people explore the meaning of life, revealing that Christianity can be every bit as relevant to life today as it was 2000 years ago.

Music & Arts

Jim Collins

Worship Leader & Musician


Robert Bache

Worship Leader & Musician

Picture to follow

Joy May Worship Leader & Musician

Music & Worship is led by a team of experienced Worship Leaders and we have a growing list of musicians to call on. We have regular worship music workshops to help develop skills and search out new songs. These are led by our worship team, who have a wide variety of music skills.


Audio Visual

Audio visuals play an important part in helping our members to worship. We have an extensive sound system with audio loop for those with hearing aids. Scripture readings and song words are projected onto the main screen which has two small satellite TV monitors for those whose sight is restricted. We often use PowerPoint presentations or videos and we are always looking for ways to develop and extend this ministry.

Harry Peake -

AV Team

The Lounge Christian Book Shop

THE LOUNGE CHRISTIAN BOOKSHOP in Brixham Baptist Church - is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and Noon, and also after our Sunday morning Service. We have a good range of Bibles, Christian books, CD music, DVDs and cards. Any  book title required which is not in stock can usually be obtained within 7-10 days. We also have a good stock of various gifts, Bible reading notes and book resources for children and young people. Access to the bookshop is via the Church Hall,  adjacent to the Taxi rank in Bank Lane. If you visit on a Thursday our church coffee morning team will be able to serve you with hot drinks. Please come and enjoy a browse in our Church Bookshop. We look forward to meeting and serving you.

Jim Collins

Book Shop Coordinator