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Maria's additional activities include:

One to one pastoral support: Our Family Worker meets one to one with parents and young people from the community who need support and guidance in various aspects of their life.


School Connections: Maria goes into our local Primary and Secondary Schools regularly to conduct assemblies, lessons and to meet with students who need additional support socially or emotionally. Maria is a School Governor for Brixham

C of E Primary School. 

Kids Matter:  Kids Matter is a National Charity and  Parenting Programme aimed at disadvantaged families. It is a life changing course that has impacted 1200 children so far and trained 70 facilitators across the country. 

Kids Matter is a six week course and looks at areas such as loving our family well, rewards and routine and building a strong family. Kids Matter gives parents the opportunity to talk about parenting around a table in a  safe, non judgemental environment. It was founded by two Child Psychologists and all research provided on the course has a strong evidence base. Maria is trained as a facilitator and has ran one very successful programme and is into her next one. For more information about Kids Matter, please speak to Maria, have a look here or leave a message at

Sing & Sign: Sing and Sign is a national Early Years programme aimed at developing early speech and communication in young children. Evidence suggests that children who learn to sign through music often develop speech earlier. It helps children to communicate well thus giving them a confidence in demonstrating their needs. If children can communicate, they feel more at ease and more secure as do their parents. 

Sing and Sign is a good tool to build community and encourage parents and children to socialise with one another. 

Maria is a trained Sing and Sign Teacher and teaches Stage One (6-14 months) and Stage Two (14-30 months) classes every Wednesday Morning. It is a very popular ten week course and whilst there is a cost, there are bursary places available. For more Information about Sing and Sign, please speak to Maria or have a look here or leave a message at.