Our 10.30am Sunday service is designed to encourage, bless, engage and teach. Come along and you could be surprised how good they are, no matter what your age, persuasion, whether you have a faith or have none!

At the door you will receive a friendly greeting from our Welcome Team and immediately be made to feel at home in warm, comfortable and light surroundings.

We have a band and team of experienced worship leaders who combine songs (old and new),  prayers, readings, teaching and testimony to draw everyone in to knowing more of God, then sending them out with encouragement for the week. 

Our services also have opportunities for those who seek prayer or healing and we normally celebrate communion on the third Sunday of the month within the morning service 

Alongside our morning service, we have a children and families programme called "eXcite" and at the end of most services, the children, young people and families join with the rest of the church to share the things they have been learning that morning.


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